Uganda’s Health Status

Health on Uganda Safari

Save for the current COVID-19 pandemic, Uganda is generally free from any health risk/hazard. There are no current existing epidemics in all the safari destination areas. However, we advise that you take the following health information crucial for your health safety while on your visit to Uganda.

A. Mandatory Health requirements before entry in Uganda

Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory before entry in Uganda. You will be required to avail a Yellow fever vaccination certificate before entry into Uganda. In the event that you don’t have this certificate, you can obtain this certificate at all the major entry points including Entebbe International Airport.

B) Recommended Vaccinations

It’s recommended that you obtain vaccinations for Hepatitis B and A, Mengitis, Tetanus and Typhoid especially if you’re to get closer to wild animals
Uganda is an equatorial country where Malaria transmitting mosquitoes harbor. It’s therefore advisable that you obtain Malaria prophylaxis before your travel and also add a course of malaria treatment in your medical kit.

C) Other essential recommendations

• It’s recommended that you sleep under a treated mosquito net at your lodges while on visit to Uganda.

• It’s further recommended that you drink bottled water and also peel or wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating to avoid exposure to infections such as diarrhea, typhoid, stomach upsets, dysentery, cholera and others.

• Carry a basic medical kit that has the basic emergence medical supplies. You can travel with it or purchase it from various dispensing pharmacies in Uganda.

• We advise that you take precaution and always ensure to stay free from contracting HIV/AIDS. We recommend that you always use protection in the event that you wish to have sexual intercourse with any one while in Uganda.

• It’s advised that you carry shades/sunglasses for protection against dust, bacteria and any foreign elements that may drop into your eyes.

• Travel Insurance is essential as it helps to cover in the event that you need emergency treatment or coverage on any other insurable risk.

Terms and Coditions

Kindly read through our terms and conditions to make sure you understand what we need you to consider before you travel with Mukisa Safaris.

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Privacy Policy

Due to regulations about collecting data in our country and around the world, we have put together a data collection privacy document that stipulates all the regulations we adhare to. Make sure you read it.

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Acquiring a Visa

There’s an East African Visa that allows all non residents to move through East African countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda if you have to cross borders. But for non residents entering Uganda, you can get a visa at entry points for US$100 or online.

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Safety and Security Precautions

Uganda is generally a safe, secure and politically stable country. There are no current existing threats be it civil or external unrests that may cause any alarm to any potential visitor to the country. However, you’re advised to be on a lookout.

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