Primates, Wildlife and Water Rafting Safari | 8 Days

rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - primates

Visiting:  Queen Elizabeth N.P, Murchison Falls N.P, River Nile, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Main Activities

  • White Water rafting on River Nile
  • Tracking Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Game Drives in Murchison Falls National Park
  • Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park


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Route Map

Primates, Wildlife and Water Rafting Safari — 8 Days, 7 Nights


Relishing an encounter with the Gorillas of Uganda and Africa’s wild? Mukisa Safaris Uganda gets you on a thrilling road adventure to encounter the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Rhinos and other Big game Five of Africa on this 8 day road safari!

This safari is your great opportunity to stand in the vicinity of the Mountain Gorillas, it is a great chance to be in Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks where you will likely spot the elusive big cats (that comprise the lions and leopards) and as well interface with the Big Game five of Africa that many people “crave” to see! In between the first and last day of the safari, you will track man’s closest cousin-the chimpanzees and also explore the world’s longest river-the Nile River.

When you opt for this safari, we intend that you receive a life times’ moment with nature by exploring the wonders of Uganda, that you get to learn more about primates by physically observing them, that you narrow your bucket list by ticking more items on your list and that you optimally utilize your holiday by adventuring, meeting new people and enjoying life in Africa!

Safari highlights;

  • White water rafting on River Nile
  • Tracking Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary
  • Game drives and boat cruises in both Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks   
  • Chimpanzee tracking in Kalinzu Forest
  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Visit to the equator crossing

Day 1 — White Water Rafting and exploration of the River Nile in Kayunga/Jinja

Commence this great adventure whilst taking the route to Kayunga/Jinja to conduct white water rafting on the mighty Nile River. It is planned that upon arrival you will go rafting! You may opt for the straining yet interesting grade 5 or a lesser tedious grade of at least grade 3. Whichever you opt for, safety, fun and thrill remain assured! Fish delicacies and golden beer produced from nearby domestic breweries will be available for you if you opt to taste! In any case, it is your time to enjoy, have fun and relax!

After the day’s adventure, we may opt to return to Kampala or remain in Kayunga to enjoy the cool breeze from this mighty river that battles the Amazon for 1st spot for the longest river in the world!

Accommodation in an eco-lodge in Kayunga or Kampala.

Day 2 — Rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and travel to Murchison Falls National Park


The safari gets more interesting as we board the safari vehicle and head to the wilderness of Murchison Falls National Park. However, business at Murchison Falls must wait as we enter Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to experience life as Rhinos charge and use their prized horns to dig the ground and as well break tree branches. Rhinos are endangered species and not easily found in plenty like at this sanctuary! Brace yourself for this activity and keep your camera close for those moments to take photographs.

After tracking the rhinos, we proceed to Murchison Falls National Park, arrive at the planned accommodation facility to relax as we watch antelopes, bush backs and hartebeests grazing.

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 3 — Exploration of Murchison Falls National Park with an early Game drive and Boat Cruise to the base of Murchison falls

murchison falls boat safaris

You begin your exploration of the park with a game drive in the northern circuit of the park. There you will encounter beautiful rolling plains. While in these plains you may view Lions, Giraffes, Hartebeest, Buffalos, and Elephants, Bushbuck, Spotted hyenas, Wild cats, leopards as well as many of the other mammals of the park. For the birders, this area supports the Secretary Bird, Black Chested Snake Eagle, Tawny and Marshal Eagles Carmine and Swallow Tailed Bee-Eaters among others.

In the afternoon, you will go for a boat trip to the bottom of Murchison Falls where you will view the Nile as it thunders through a small 7-meter gap down to the delta. This experience is breath taking and the mighty thunder of the falls should not be missed! The banks of the Nile are home to many animal and bird species. You may see huge Nile Crocodiles, Hippos and other wildlife that may come down to drink from this mighty river. You may see the pre-historic shoebill, saddle-billed stork and many other birds. Your camera should be with you such that you can keep those magical moments!

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 4 — Visit to the top of the falls and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari

Rise early and test your ability to dare with a thrilling trekking activity to the top of the mighty and ferocious Murchison Falls. The force, sound and speed of the Nile water as it is pushed through a small gap between the rocks is really frightening! If you are not that person who dares, you may not stand close to these falls! Test the person in you and get the thrill of this activity!

After the exploration and experience of the falls, we drive out of the park to embark on the journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The journey to Queen Elizabeth is quite long! You may take between 7-8 hours! To ensure that you remain in good shape to participate in all the activities ahead, we plan that you spend a night in Fort Portal town and continue with your travel the following day.

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 5 — Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park with an afternoon boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel

Rise early and set sights on Queen Elizabeth National Park. On arrival, you will embark on exploration of the park by conducting a game drive through the tracks of the park. Queen Elizabeth is greatly habited by the big five, various primate species as well as over 600 species of birds! You intended to see animals! Exploration of Queen Elizabeth gives you opportunity to spot Elephants, Buffalos, lions, Leopards, Warthogs, Hyenas, water bucks, antelopes and many bird species including Ibis, Fish Eagles and vultures among others that live in this park.

Exploration of the park will be supplemented with an evening boat cruise along the spectacular Kazinga Channel which connects Lake Edward to Lake George.  The boat ride along the banks will give you an opportunity to see yawning hippos, herds of Uganda kob with their black and white spiraled horns, Nile crocodiles sunbathing, as well as elephants immersing themselves beneath the water while poking their trunks up and splashing themselves with water to cool off.

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 6 — Chimps tracking in Kalinzu Forest and Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


Brace yourself for an encounter with Man’s closest cousins; the chimpanzees in the forest of Kalinzu. Get your jungle boots on early and join the forest wardens to track chimpanzees!

Your time in the forest will also provide you with the opportunity to also see a variety of other primates (including the Colobus Monkeys and the Mangabey) and animals as well as birds and a variety of butterflies, flowers and other insects. Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to humans sharing about 98.7% of their DNA composition with humans. They are sociable, intelligent as well as communicative! Other interesting traits are their abilities to use stones to crush nuts, use empty pods to collect water plus using sticks for capturing termites from their holes. A successful track of the chimpanzees will give you good lessons about primates as well as beautiful lasting memories about Uganda.

After this expedition, you will have lunch and then transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable forest for yet another memorable highlight of this safari.

Upon arrival, you will relax at your lodge in preparation of the next day’s highlight. In the alternative, you can take an evening walk around the environs of the hotel to do bird watching or meeting with the people.

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 7 — Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

mountain gorilla-primates

Wild animals may be found elsewhere in the world! However, Gorillas are only endemic to Uganda and some parts of Rwanda and DR Congo! Still, half of the world’s population is in Bwindi-Uganda! You get a great deal when you opt for this Safari to Uganda! You are almost certain that you will see the gorillas when you are in Uganda. Indeed you may not get any clear chance to encounter gorillas in any other place other than Uganda!

Be at your best and join the rest as you go gorilla trekking. This amazing activity is conducted through the densely forested steep hills until you finally meet these tranquil gorillas within the green plant cover. It is such a wonderful and memorable encounter.

Trekking Gorillas is a very interesting activity! It comes with anxiety before you meet the gorillas and when you spot them, you get filled with amazement!

Gorilla trekking groups are assigned on fitness levels. You can request a shorter or longer hike depending on your preferences. For many, the chance to trek in such exotic forest makes a longer hike worthwhile. Others might prefer to meet the gorillas that are closer to the trailhead.

After this fun filled expedition, you will travel back to your lodge for relaxation or for any other preferred activity like walks or bird watching.

Accommodation will be in one of the nearby eco lodges.

Day 8 — Travel to Entebbe and enroute photo session at the equator in Kayabwe

After your awesome time in Western Uganda, you will embark on your return road trip to Kampala. This time we traverse the rolling hills and mountains of Kigezi and Ankole region. We go past valleys, lakes such as Bunyonyi and forested areas. Great panoramic views and eye catching sceneries are present along this route. Surely, your journey will be filled with moments of memorable exposure to nature.

When you reach Mbarara town, you will have lunch at Igongo cultural center. While here, you will get a short cultural brief about the Banyankole tribe of western Uganda.

After Mbarara, you meet the equator crossing. You make a brief stop at the equator crossing, take the best photo shots and engage in some of the activities and experiments that people normally engage in when they reach the equator. The experiments engaged in are not scientifically tested/proved but fun to watch. These experiments involve pouring water in the basin while observing how it swirls in opposite directions in the northern & southern hemispheres of the equator line.

While here, enter the Curio and Souvenir shops and get some mementoes to keep your memories about this awesome Africa safari.

After this exercise, we will be thinking departure and how to plan another awesome trip with Mukisa Safaris to the other magical parts of Uganda

Costs include

  • Accommodation as per the itinerary
  • Meals throughout the safari period
  • Ground transport
  • Gorilla permit
  • Rhino tracking permit
  • Chimp permit
  • Boat cruise
  • Park entrance fees
  • Ferry crossing
  • Vehicle entrance
  • Services of an English speaking guide
  • Enroute lunches and bottled water in the safari vehicle
  • Game drive

Costs exclude

  • Visa fees
  • Air ticket
  • All extra services at the accommodation for example laundry, beverages
  • Insurance
  • Charges by the porters during gorilla trekking

Price — US $2650 per person (For two people)

The price slightly increases if you decide to travel as a solo traveler. Conversely, the price payable  per person reduces from the stated amount if the tour is booked by more than two people.

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