Wildlife Game Viewing

Wildlife Game Viewing

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Uganda, where the rain forest meets the Savannah.

Wildlife viewing game drives done in four national parks — Queen Elizabeth NP, Murchison Falls NP, Lake Mburo NP and Kidepo Valley N.P

Wildlife viewing boat safaris mainly done in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

Horseback riding and Walking Safaris are done in Lake Mburo National Park.

Wildlife Game Drives

Everyone wants to catch that moment when the jungle law is applied, especially by the kings of the Savannah, the lions. What better way to catch the drama than on a wildlife game drive.

A striking feature that is seen when you drive through Uganda, in the areas near the rainforests, is the use of terraced agriculture, which rings the hills in thousands of shades of green. Beginning at the main point of arrival in Entebbe, most safaris will head west to the broad belt of national parks that form the western border. Due to the country being situated right on the meeting point of the eastern Savannah and western jungle ecosystems, Uganda has excellent terrain for a wide variety of safaris, from traditional game drives through golden grassland seeking lion or elephant to strapping on your hiking boots and trekking through lush rainforest.

Wildlife game viewing is excellent in Uganda because most Africa bound travelers haven’t discovered this safari goldmine, therefore you may find that you’re privately driving through thousands of acres of Savannah privately. Enjoying the wildlife display without disturbances from the crowds.

Where the game drives are done

wildife game viewing in Murchison Falls

Muchison Falls National Park

Take the western route to Muchison Falls National Park, the largest national park in the country. Here, the mighty Nile River bisects flourishing Savannah, flanked by lush riverine woodlands, before bursting through a chasm in the Rift Valley escarpment to form the raging Murchison Falls.

Wildlife enthusiasts can expect to see great pods of hippo and immense rafts of crocodile in-and-around the Nile as well as an array of exceptional water birds. Other fascinating wildlife include the rare Rothschild giraffe, lion, various antelope species, buffalo, leopard and spotted hyena.

wildife game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Most famous of them all. Boasting one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any reserve in the world, Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to almost a hundred animal species as well as more than 600 types of birds.

The park is 1978km2 in size, and is famous for its primate species, it’s unusual tree-climbing lions, and the large concentration of hippos.

Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park

The rugged isolated wilderness of the Kidepo Valley National Park ranks as one of Africa’s most prized, less explored destinations. Here, over 77 mammals and around 475 bird species find shelter amidst a pristine Savannah landscape, broken by the Kidepo and Narus Rivers.

Visitors are treated to exceptional wildlife sightings on thrilling game drives. Animals, some of which cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda (think greater and lesser kudu, eland and cheetah); include lion, leopard, elephant and an assortment of plains game.

lake mburo safari - zebras in lake mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park

The smallest of them all. Here you can take a guided walk or ride on horse through the park and have some great sightings. Animals like buffaloes, zebras, leopard, Burch ell’s zebra and Eland together with various species of antelopes can all be viewed during the game drive. And the guide will help in spotting and giving relative information while on game drive.

So, which one is  it going to be? Let’s help you out, start by clicking on the enquiry to talk to a consultant.

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