Mountain Climbing in Uganda

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The remote Rwenzori mountains located on the Uganda/DRC border, can be hiked or climbed through varied and stunning landscapes. Rwenzori’s Margherita peak is Africa’s third-highest summit. Climbing Rwenzori offers unique experiences compared to the experiences at mountain Kilimanjaro

Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Uganda offers fascinating opportunities to the mountain climbers in the world because of its snowcapped high ranges of the Rwenzori.  The steep points while climbing Muhavura and the rugged rocks of Mount Elgon and Mount Moroto in the east are an array of experiences one can get if they choose mountain climbing in Uganda.

Mountain climbing in Uganda is carried out on major mountains of Elgon, Rwenzori, Mgahinga, Muhavura, Sabinyo and Moroto as well as several other hills across the country.

While conducting mountain climbing, there is more to be seen and experienced. Gorillas in Mgahinga, birds and plants on Rwenzori and other wild animals along several tracks can be encountered.

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Climbing the Rwenzori mountain ranges offers an opportunity to see the green tropical rainforests under the equator submerge into the sky as heath forests and Alpine plants like lobelia.

Mountain climbing in Uganda can be done at any period of the year. The best time is between December to March and June to September.

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