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African Culture Safaris

Cultural Safaris

Uganda is culturally a diverse country with many various ethnicities whose social, economic and cultural orientations are quite different and unique to the different tribal groups.

The cultural diversity ranges from human behavior, art, dance, languages and cultural festivals to cultural norms.With these diverse cultural groups speaking more than 33 languages,Uganda therefore brings out the spectrum of the rich cultural heritage which is a melting point of African cultures.

We therefore have designed packages that will give our clients a cultural insight and experiences about Uganda’s cultural diversity which is fascinating and interesting while on a visit to Uganda.

Where to go for Cultural Expeditions

batwa in bwindi impenetrable - culture

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Batwa People

Reached by homely roads clinging to the steep, this small community makes up for its isolation with the warm welcome from its inhabitants. A walk takes you  to small homesteads of Batwa people outside Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where you will have the chance to meet the batwa people and participate in their cultural dances and  crafts demonstration.

Semliki National Park

batwa in semliki National parkVisit Semliki National Park and involve yourself in the traditional norms and cultures of the indigenous Batwa people/ community who are hunters and food gatherers in Semliki forest. Some of the needs they get from the thick forest include medicine/ herbs, food, shelter and tools which has improved their lives since the ancient times. However, this has transformed due to the community’s interactions with other different local communities/ people who have inter married hence transforming their lives completely.

Culture people and communities

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park neighbors the local Banyoro and Alur people who have  different cultural norms as well as the Mubako Village which is located on the borders of Murchison Falls National Park with grassed small cabins/homesteads that offer free space for people to interact and stay overnight. The local around make hand woven items which can be sold to their guests on prior request. Get involved in cultural dances, songs around the lodges and camp fires using the “Adungu” a tool made of twine and cowhide to entertain the guests.

Quick Facts

Uganda is a renown tourist destination with various game parks found in different parts of the country.  There are small groups of people living around these parks who enliven the adventure experience through their unique cultures.  Main game parks to have an adventurous cultural experience;

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Mgahinga National park

Semliki National park

Kibale Forest national Park

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