Mountain Rwenzori National Park

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Mountain Rwenzori National Park is  home to a diverse ecosystem, from large mammals to various plants, primates, reptiles and inscets. The majesty of this mountain range makes the National Park a favorite adventure spot of traveling mountaineers.

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Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Mountain Rwenzori also commonly known as the ˝ Mountain of the moon˝ is located in south-western Uganda on the eastern side of the western Albertine Rift valley. Rwenzori lies along the border of Uganda with the Democratic Republic of Congo and also edges the DRC’s Virunga National park. The park is also located in Kabarole, Bundibugyo as well as Kasese districts.

This national park was started in 1991 and then designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 due to its exceptional natural beauty. It’s about 1,000km in size and has got the third highest mountain peak in Africa, waterfalls, glaciers as well as lakes. It’s also known for its fantastic plant life.

Special features of Mountain Rwenzori include;

Mount Rwenzori National Park comprises of the eastern and central half of the Rwenzori Mountains. This mountain is the highest mountain range in the whole of Africa with over 6 glacial peaks including; Mount Speke, Mount Gessi, Mount Stanley, Mount Emin Pasha, Mount Luigi da Savoia as well as Mount Baker. The major peaks can also be compared to those of Kilimanjaro as well as Mount Kenya.

• This park has also got glaciers, waterfalls, the snowfields, as well as lakes and this is considered to be Africa’s most fantastic mountain areas.

• This national park has over 70 animal species, 217 species of birds, 19 Albertine rift endemics plus the world’s rarest vegetation species.Its lower slopes are covered with bamboo, moorland and the moist Montane forest. There are also large tree heathers as well as the colorful mosses that are covered throughout the mountainside with the giant lobelias as well as the endless flowers that create a charming fairy-tale scene.

• Mountain Rwenzori is also mountaineering and hiking destination and it can take between9-12 days for skilled hikers to climb to the summit of Margherita which is the highest peak. This mountain range is not volcanic in nature though consists of the crystalline rock that moved upwards from the earth’s crust.

There are five distinct zones of the habitation that generates a world of amazing biodiversity.

Just at the base, there is the African Savannah crowded with the animals including the zebras, elephants as well as birds. This zone is between 3000 and 5000 to 7500 feet. There are wild banana trees, lianas as well as the ferns.

Above the jungle, you find the bamboo forest that reach up to over 9500 feet. The bamboo is a type of vegetation that can grow to over a hundred feet in two months’ time. The forest type is also one of the most fascinating habitant to walk through.

Above the bamboo, there is Heath zone.This zone extends to about 12,000 feet and is a land that drips lichen covered heather tree that loom over the ground cover of the mosses and the liverwort. The trees are 40 feet tall and are relatively of low shrub.

At the higher altitude, there’s Alpine zone which is above 12,000 feet and it’s a land which is in its lower sections that are filled by the giants. The plants here are so unique only to the Afro Alpine zone that includes the tree groundsel and the giant lobelia. The upper point also reaches at the zone that extends to over 14,500 feet that consist of rocky terrain that is covered with black lichens and the brown mosses.

Finally, above 14,500 feet, there is the Margherita peak at 16,763 feet and it’s the highest point in the mount range.Thiszoneis covered by snow and storm swept glaciers.

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