Lake Mburo National Park

lake mburo safari - zebras in lake mburo national park

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Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest park in Uganda covering, 260 sq kms, located in Kiruhura District. Sights and sounds are not all this park has to offer but an experience that will stay with you for ages; an experience that can fit in a two day safari or three day safari if that is all you have to spare.

Lake Mburo national park has got thrilling activities that keep its visitors always on the desire for more.  Some of the most common tour activities at Lake Mburo include; Game drives in the park, boat cruise on Lake Mburo, birding/ bird watching, Nature walks, the unique horse riding to view wildlife, fishing and cultural tours.

Lake Mburo National Park

This is one of the largest five lakes that are near by the wetlands, and it accounts for only 20% of this unique lake found in western Uganda. The park covers only 370km² yet it has 5 lakes within.
The park was once covered with the open savannah but currently, it contains woodland since there are no elephants to tame the unique vegetation. Within the western part of the park, the savannah is also spread with the rocky ridges as well as the forested gorges with the patches of papyrus as well as narrow bands of the lush riparian woodland.

Special features of Lake Mburo National Park include;


There are five lakes in the park that always attract crocodiles, hippos, water birds as well as the swamps that harbor secretive papyrus specialists like the Sitatunga antelopes, black and yellow papyrus ganalex among others.


buffalos in lake mburo

This lake is also very rich with a diversity of animals as well as plant species that can only be seen in case you take a boat cruise. The park has got over 68 mammal species and the most common animal species include; impalas, zebras, buffaloes, hyenas, topis, road antelopes, jackals, as well as the Eland.


The national park has got over 313 bird species that include; the rare White winged Warbler, Emerald spotted wood -Dove, the crested Francolin, the brown Parrot, Bare-faced Go Away bird, the common Francolin, the green wood hoopoe, the blue napped mouse bird, the black billed barbet, the trilling Cisticola, Nubian woodpecker as well as the African grey Hornbill. Around the Rwonyo camp, you might see some other species such as; the Red necked spur Fowl, the Coqui Francolin, the Temminck’s Coueser, the African Watted lover Rufous naped as well southern Red Bishop.

Fish and Fishing

The lake has also got 6 fish species that include; Tilapia, lung fish, mud fish as well as the Haplochromis. By using the hooks, the visitors can also spend some of their time as they catch this fish. A shade is also provided at the campsite in order to ensure the maximum relaxation for the visitors as they are at the lake. You might walk to the salt nearby as a summary of it all.

There is also an observation point which is located in a wooden hide out that offers a good chance to view the four different species of animals at any time as they lick the salty soil. This is also done without animal conscience. The tourists might also walk to any area of your interest.
Game drive in Lake Mburo National Park

The game drives through the park allow the visitors see many of the animal species as well as birds. This park is the only one in Uganda where the Impalas can also be seen. The game drives also prove to be so rewarding with the leopards and some lions. This is the only park in western Uganda where you will find the Burchell’s Zebras.
Horse riding

Lake Mburo is the only park in the country where one can carry out a game drive while on the back of the horse. It’s is one of the best ways of viewing the wildlife that are found in the park.

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