Why Choose Mukisa Safaris Uganda?

A Licensed and Professional Tour & Travel Agency based in Uganda (East Africa).

Why Mukisa Safaris!

Interested in a vacation or adventure to Africa? We are here to organize it for you. We will listen to you, engage you, indulge you, journey with you and ultimately cover your expectations of an African Adventure. Any safari with us is an experience of a life time.

More reasons as to why it should be Mukisa Safaris are:

1. That insurmountable flexibility that guides us before and during the safari.

We have previously designed attractive travel packages and received great comments from our clients. Such packages would tempt many to stick to them! However, flexibility remains core to the way we execute our safaris. We are always keen about our clients’ interests and depending on such interest, we execute our tours!

2. You have a guaranteed safari/tour with us!

You pay and your funds are strictly applied to the purpose that will ultimately make the safari a success and a memorable one!

3. Tested and bespoke guides.

We have organized a great number of safaris. We know “where” and “how” to get you that memorable African Adventure! We know the dots to be connected and our guides are really knowledgeable and conversant with the region.

4. We love nature and adventure.

We practice responsible tourism and love adventure! We enjoy being on safari and we do not go to safaris to simply conclude the contract with you. We enjoy travel and adventure and we always seek fun, fulfillment and lasting joy every time we set out to adventure! You will certainly enjoy while with us.

5. Our affordable tours.

We offer moderately priced safaris! We listen, budget with you and develop a safari that will not strain your resources.

6. We are registered, regulated and credible.

We are a corporate entity that you can trust. We are regulated by law and subscribe to standards established by the relevant professional associations and agencies in the tourism sector of Uganda and other regional destinations.

Travel while exploring the primates habitats of Uganda

About us

Mukisa Safaris Uganda is local destination management company and tour operator based in Uganda and licensed by the Uganda Registrar of Companies with license number 80020000681244.

We are therefore regulated by law and governed by the relevant tourism related agencies in Uganda which include, Ministry of Tourism, Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Mukisa Safaris Uganda is a member of all professional bodies involved in tourism in Uganda. These professional bodies and associations include, Association of Tour Operators (AUTO) and Uganda Safaris Guides Association (USAGA). We are accordingly regulated in our services and strive to offer services that fit the established standards to ensure clients’ satisfaction. Everything we do is legal, licensed and approved by the aforementioned agencies and bodies.

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Uganda Entry Visa

Acquiring a Visa

There’s an East African Visa that allows all non residents to move through East African countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda if you have to cross borders. But for non residents entering Uganda, you can get a visa at entry points for US$100 or online.

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Health Status

Uganda is generally free from any health risk/hazard. There are no current existing epidemics in all the safari destination areas. However, we advise that you take the following health information crucial for your health safety while on your visit to Uganda.

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Safety and Security Precautions

Uganda is generally a safe, secure and politically stable country. There are no current existing threats be it civil or external unrests that may cause any alarm to any potential visitor to the country. However, you’re advised to be on a lookout.

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Climate and When to visit

Uganda’s climate is generally classified as equatorial with some parts experiencing semi-desert conditions. Because of the heterogeneous nature of Uganda’s landscape, there’s a wide variation in climate experienced in various parts of the country.
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Terms and Coditions

Kindly read through our terms and conditions to make sure you understand what we need you to consider before you travel with Mukisa Safaris.

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Privacy Policy

Due to regulations about collecting data in our country and around the world, we have put together a data collection privacy document that stipulates all the regulations we adhare to. Make sure you read it.

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